Is Your Faith Your’s?

Increasingly, folks today of all ages, will tell you they know for sure that they are a Christian….they think…possibly…no yeah.

However, it seems that when the simplest questions get brought up, suddenly they find themselves stumbling for the right answers.  More often than not, if there is a bible nearby, or a handy bible app (youversion is my app of choice), fumbling through John chapter 3 will occur or even possibly a jet tour through the concordance section titled “Christianity.”

The problem is, as the O.C. Supertones once put it,

“We put down our bibles and picked up our playstations…we can’t defend our faith, cause we don’t even know it…we say we love our God but have a funny way to show it…”

It’s because of this lack of study and distance from God that people refrain from sharing their faith with others because in many cases, it’s not their faith.

How about you?  Where do you measure up?  (Oh and, having Google available at your fingertips doesn’t count.)