“Mormon’s ARE Christians” – Joel Osteen

Part of “living Love” is telling the truth.  If Osteen wanted to follow Christ’s example and the advice of Paul, he would not be ashamed of the gospel of Christ for it is the power of God unto salvation.  We here at LiveLove want you to know that we believe the bible is 100% accurate and true and it is the only word of THE one true God.  Mormon’s believe in a made up (g)od and made up Jesus.  The author of their Book of Mormon was a man named Joseph Smith who has time and again been proven to be a liar and nothing more than a charlatan.

Please do not be deceived…Church of Latter Day Saints – Mormons –  is in fact a cult, not Christian brothers as our “buddy” (term used loosely) Osteen would like to have everyone believe.  The heart of the matter is, Osteen does not wish to offend anyone or drive away a single person from his church that may have deep pockets and therefore, Joel politically dodges the questions in such a way that only an unbeliever or a Lakewood member would be deceived by.

“misplaced faith is not SAVING faith.” – Dr. Rick Ferguson



2 thoughts on ““Mormon’s ARE Christians” – Joel Osteen

  1. i knew LDS to be a cult since child, not that i just believe blankly, but rather because their doctrines are in error.

    now, why are we concern with joel olseen? yet again another classic from larry king.

    the real question is this. Is Joel Olsteen our brother in Christ?

    – grace and peace

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