New Live Love Writer

I would like to introduce Jeremy Davis to everyone.

He has been writing for his own blog off and on for the last 5 years and has decided to jump in with Live Love and become a regular contributor.  We look forward to some great and encouraging writings from Jeremy.

From Jeremy…

A little about myself:  I am currently living in Downtown Denver.  I have been here for about 7 years and I love Colorado.  It is by far one of God’s most beautiful creations.  As Coloradans, we definitely get too accustom to the “Purple Mountain Majesty” that peaks out from the west and so I always try to just enjoy their beauty whenever I have the opportunity to take a scenic drive or to attempt to go snowboarding for the hundredth time.  Snow boarding is something I keep swearing I am going to pick up and make a hobby, but every time I go somewhere and look at boards, I suddenly remember that those things cost money.  Considering majority of my current funds go to my own Jeremy-Keeps-Living Fund, I don’t really stray too far from that course.  Lets face it…a man’s gotta eat…and I likes my steak.  JD won’t be doing any Ramen diets anytime soon for the sake of some leisure.  On a more personal note, I have been a believer since I was about 15 years old.  I believe Jesus is God’s son, He is THE way not, A way, and I believe He died for my sins and by Faith alone, I am redeemed.  I currently attend a church located in Thornton and I work there as the creative media director.  If I could get paid to write, I would.  For now however, I love the opportunity I have been given by Live Love, to express my thoughts and opinions and share biblical nuggets of truth with fellow believers and unbelievers alike.


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