The Walking Dead Part 1

All men, apart from God, are dead.  Walking dead.  Living, breathing, walking, spirtually, dead.

verse 1: “…and you were dead.”  Paul was writing to those who are now believers and reminding them that they USED to be among those who were spiritually dead.  Physically alive but spiritually and eternally dead.  Paul takes things a step further though toward the end of verse 3…

“…like the rest of mankind.”

Paul is including the whole world.  All of humanity apart from Christ is Dead.

Economically, spiritually, morally…no one would deny that our world is in trouble, right?  If the world were not full of problems, there wouldn’t be masses of successful “problem solvers” and self-help guru’s profiting from all of the issues of damaged and broken people out there.  These guys tell us the answer is in changing YOU, or making yourself smile 26 times a day.  On a more logical spectrum, some might suggest a better you starts with a better education.  Either way, all work toward elevating people’s psychological self esteem.  As much as we hear that the real problems man faces are social problems, it’s really quite simple….alll problems boil down to an inability to love.

Man can be treated for a whole host of psychological problems and for social disconnect.  People play the blame game with their depravity…they say they cannot deal with their own inner feelings, they can’t calm down inner anxieties, they can’t be at peace with themselves, and their socially abnormal…but it’s not social.  It’s not about our relationships with others.  It’s about our relationship with Him.

Man, apart from God, is not dead because of his broken childhood or checkered past…Man is dead because of one thing; because of one man all of mankind has become The Walking Dead and they need to be brought to life through the only one that can give life…


3 thoughts on “The Walking Dead Part 1

  1. Mike! Where do you come up with this stuff man!? 2 things…
    A. Can you design me some sermon graphics? And
    B. When are you coming to preach!?

    Call me!

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