Is Your Church TECH Savvy?

church tech

It’s obvious that we are living in an age where even the most digitally challenged church still has at least a facebook page.

Most Pastors have a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pintrest, WordPress Blog, and/or a Tumblr account.  Many of the tech savvy Pastors today are also rocking iPads, Tablets, iPhones or Android smartphones that allow them to be mobile and connected to anyone and everyone at the touch of an icon.

So what about your church?  How does your church rank on the tech savvy list?

Tech Church Scorecard

Thanks to years of research and statistical analysis (by people smarter than me) that would make your teeth hurt if I dared describe it, this scorecard is the most accurate tech-savvy guide any church has ever seen.  Use it at your leisure to determine if the church you’re attending possesses the digital acumen your touchscreen heart is looking for.

Mark the points that apply to your church, then add up your score and leave a comment below to show everyone your results!


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