Explicit Evangelism

ExplicitEvangelism.orgIf you know me on Facebook or have “Liked” my LiveLove Page, you’re most likely familiar with Explicit Evangelism.  If you haven’t checked it out yet, CLICK HERE.

Explicit Evangelism is fast paced Evangelism Training geared toward adults.  We desire to equip and encourage believers; the local church, to share the GOSPEL effectively.  Thanks to the great people at Dare2Share Ministries who share our passion for evangelism, we have been given permission to use their LifeIn6Words model at our own training events.  This is a great tool I’ve used personally ever since I attended a Dare2Share conference back when I was in middle school.

We’ve seen a huge drop in true evangelism over the years and that is what sparked us onto our current path in this ministry.

The XE team is made up of Gospel sharing freaks of grace and we are praying God will use us, not only to share the GOSPEL with others, but to equip and encourage believers to also go out and make disciples.

If you’re over the age of 18, have been a Christian for any period of time, but aren’t really sure how best to articulate the Gospel message, you need to get hooked up with us.

Check out the site, contact us, download free Facebook Content we’ve created, find out where our next Training Day is, and come be equipped, be encouraged, and Be Explicit.

As Hans and Franz once said, “We’re here to pump :::clap::: You up!”

Mike Clark


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